A division of E&L cemetery services. We provide the largest selection of memorial options available in Mid-Ohio.

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Columbus Memorials, a division of E & L Cemetery Services, was founded in 2014 by Eddie Curtis.

His vision was to fill a need for installation of small-scale family memorials up to large private estate and civic projects.

Eddie started in the memorial industry at the age of nineteen, with one of the most progressive monument firms in Elberton, Georgia. He worked for an organization that was on the forefront of technology with the very first large rotary diamond saw from Germany and the first automatic polishing bed machine from France.

Eddie has devoted his career to the advancement of industrial processes through innovation.

During the thirty-four years he spent in Elberton, Eddie was fortunate to also be associated with other industrial firms that utilized his skills in plant management, equipment design, process improvement and quality control. Having traveled to more than thirty different countries assisting and working alongside some of the world's larges engineering and construction firms, those skills continue to grow and the desire to be a business owner became a reality with the formation of E & L Cemetery Services and Columbus Memorials.

Many of the years spent traveling abroad nurtured key supplier relationships in both China and India, which fulfill the competitive advantages offered from those regions for all facets of memorial production and supply.

Since Columbus Memorials' inception in 2014, Eddie has enjoyed taking part in several larger scale projects throughout the country. In addition to installation, he also offers restoration and national retail sales.

On staff are talented artists and technicians that provide the highest level of quality and expertise to the memorialization process.


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