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When it comes to honoring your departed loved ones, cremation is often the preferred way. At Columbus Memorials, we offer a unique and meaningful way to keep their remains secure at a grave site, cemetery, or memorial park.

Aside from hand-crafting beautiful headstones, grave markers, and mausoleums, we specialize in creating cremation monuments, cremation benches, and columbariums.

We would love the opportunity to work with you and your family to create a memorable tribute to your cherished family member.


Cremation Monuments

Over two decades ago, Dr. John T. McElveen founded Carolina Ear & Hearing Clinic, PC, a private medical and surgical practice specializing in the diseases of the ear. As experts in Otology and Neurotology, our team focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of disorders involving the ear, its related skull base structures, and specific areas of the central nervous system. Both are highly specialized areas, requiring at least five years of residency training, in addition to completion of medical school and Otology and Neurotology fellowship training.

Cremation monuments are a beautiful and secure way to store the cremated remains of your loved ones in a cemetery or memorial park.

We offer a large selection of pre-made options and also custom design cremation monuments to fit your budget and desire. These monuments will provide a lasting tribute to your family member and make an elegant addition to any cemetery.

There are many options available, so visit our showroom and talk with our friendly staff so we can help you find the perfect cremation memorial that will honor your loved one in just the right way.

Cremation Benches

Hand-crafted granite cremation benches are the perfect way to memorialize and honor a loved one in a cemetery or memorial park. These beautiful benches come in many colors and can be custom-made with etching to personalize them with your family member’s name, special message, or symbol. They provide a secure place for the ashes of your loved one, and are also an elegant and unique addition to any cemetery, giving you a place to rest and spend time with the departed.

Choose from single or companion benches, depending on what you need. Pre-made benches are available in our showroom and can also be ordered quickly. If you want something truly special, work with our team of professionals to hand-crafted a one-of-a-kind creation.

Cremation benches are ideal for those looking for the perfect way to remember their loved ones forever.


If you are looking for a columbarium construction company in Ohio, then look no further. Our company in crafting small and large granite columbariums that can be customized to fit your needs.

These beautiful and secure structures add elegance and serenity to any cemetery or memorial park, allowing families to properly memorialize their lost loved ones by safely storing their ashes.

We offer single compartments as well as multiple compartments so that families can keep the ashes of multiple family members together in one place. Choose Columbus Memorials to customize the perfect columbarium for your family, cemetery, or memorial park.