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Columbus Memorials is one of the top mausoleum construction companies in Ohio, offering families an elegant way to honor a family member or many family members. Founded in the mid-Ohio region by a family of craftsmen, this family-owned company has provided professional mausoleum construction and installation services for decades.

The legacy that Columbus Memorials has established is something that families can rely on when honoring those who have departed. We understand the importance of creating lasting legacies and we enjoy the work we do; creating beautiful granite memorials that will last for generations.

From consultation to construction to installation and beyond, Columbus Memorials provides every service necessary for creating a lasting tribute to your family's legacy.


What is a Mausoleum?

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A mausoleum is an elegant, custom cemetery monument. The building houses the remains of a deceased family member or many members. These monuments are usually constructed from granite and the process is overseen by professional stonemasons.

They can be either grand structures with multiple compartments for multiple family members or smaller, simpler designs with just one space for a single loved one. In contrast to the mausoleum, other cemetery monuments and grave markers are placed on the ground to mark and honor a loved one's burial site. Mausoleums are often chosen when families wish to have a more dignified memorial structure to honor their departed loved ones, as opposed to a headstone or grave marker.

Whether large or small, a mausoleum can be a beautiful way to commemorate the life of a beloved family member who has passed away and Columbus Memorials is here to help.

The Mausoleum Construction Process

The mausoleum construction process starts with the consultation. Our team will work with you to decide on size, materials, color, and other intricate details that will be incorporated into the design of the monument.

Next, we create the design draft using the latest in architectural design technology. At this point you'll be able to fine tune the final adjustments before we get into the stonework.

Our team of stonemasons and craftsmen will transform the design into the different components of the mausoleum. The best and finest materials are used to create your memorial.

Once the components of the mausoleum have been constructed, professionals transport it from the build facility to the cemetery or memorial park to be assembled.

We start the installation process by ensuring the ground is level and prepped for the building. Using a crew of workers and heavy machinery, we assemble all pieces together to create a beautiful mausoleum for your family or family member. This entire process is done by skilled professionals with years of experience. The result is a beautiful, high-quality mausoleum that is a testament to your family legacy that will last for generations to come.